Making tutorials? Avoid these 6 greatest time-wasters.

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How to waste your time – or not6 greatest time-wasters - Time-saving tips for great tutorials

Time waster #1: Making tutorials that no one reads or watches. Profiling your audience or audience groups is something you do once and then check and update every few months. Knowing what your audience desires will give you a mindset where you intuitively choose only those projects that they’re likely to be interested in.

Time waster #2: Re-reading, editing and fine-tuning your draft multiple times, word for word and comma for comma before you’ve finished it. I’m still occasionally guilty of doing this despite knowing better. It usually happens when I’m stuck, that is either tired and at a mental low or when I don’t know how to go on. In both cases my remedy is to have a break and switch to a simple manual or physical activity for half an hour, or – if it’s late already – to stop entirely and continue the next day. I found out that when I follow my own advice (that is complete the draft and best leave editing for another day), I need as little as one quarter (!) of the time in comparison to pressing dragging on.

Time waster #3: Idea spread – you don’t know what’s essential for a specific project or process. Therefore you include everything you know that your audience might find helpful…only to cut it out later when editing for clarity and brevity. By creating a tight outline and else collecting all these lovely and helpful tips and tidbits separately, you’ll not only keep your tutorial to the point, as a by-product you’re also building a multi-purpose reference library for yourself.

Time waster #4: Long-winded explanations interspersed with irrelevant waffling which confuse or even turn off your audience. Guess how I found out… :/ Instead, know exactly what to focus on at each point of your tutorial, and only present that, be it in writing or using visual aids.

Time waster #5: Some processes or techniques are simple, quick and easy, but they can give you a helluva time when you try explaining them in writing – think folding origami. Initially it may seem that you’re spending extra time on creating informative visuals, but once you get the knack of it and a bit of practice, you’ll probably find that it’s much faster than writing and repeated editing. You can also often re-use and re-purpose them.

Time waster #6: Skipping between completely different types of projects for your tutorials. While I can totally understand anyone who loves jumping back and forth between projects or techniques – Hello, fellow Shakers! *waves* – batch processing tutorials for related or similar projects will save you a lot of time! This does not mean that you have to share them all in a row (unless that’s what you want, for instance as a series), just that you produce them in an organised way.

…over to you:

Do you have any time-saving tips?

Where would you like to speed up the writing, production or marketing process?

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