Time-Saving Content Creation with Templates, Tools & Systems for Makers, Shakers & Course Creators

Time-saving tools, templates, and systems for creating your own courses and tutorials ❤ Create tutorials & classes with clarity & ease ❤ Save lots of time & energy with customisable tools and systems ❤ Streamline your course production & promotion process with flexible workflows and templates

Create blog posts, classes and content upgrades with clarity & ease

Save lots of time & energy with customisable tools & templates

Streamline your content production & promotion process with flexible workflows and systems

Are you a Maker, a Shaker, a Course Creator…or a bit of each?

Are you a maker?MAKERS ••• Love what they’re doing and are looking for new projects, ideas or techniques within their chosen art or craft ••• Want to expand their skills by learning more about a certain craft so that they get really good at it ••• While making something is their priority, the ability to write and illustrate product descriptions or instructions is a prerequisite for sharing their passion with others ••• Typically, blogging, newsletters and social media are their main ways of communicating with their audience, but how to come up with ideas…regularly?

Are you a Shaker?SHAKERS ••• Love experimenting and mixing things up ••• Want to explore their creativity by finding different ways and ever new links and combinations ••• While being creative is their priority, they often find it difficult to describe their intuitive creative processes in a clear, organised way that others can follow ••• They may not lack ideas for promoting their products but actually doing it can leave them spinning around their axis

Are you a Course Creator?COURSE CREATORS ••• Love sharing what they know ••• While making or experimenting is the foundation of their craft, their priority is passing on their skills and knowledge to empower others ••• Are looking for time-saving templates, tools & systems to help them with designing and promoting their courses ••• Communicating with their audience does not only involve blogging, newsletters and social media, they also need to write up course descriptions and create content variations like handouts, worksheets and eBooks

One desire they have in common:

Building a quality relationship with their audience – be it through blogging, newsletters, videos or other content – without spending too much time on it.

Whether you’re

  • looking for more efficient ways to create or market your products or courses,
  • would like to share your passion, skills and knowledge but don’t know where to start,
  • or are still sitting on the fence, aka “thinking about it”,

tell me what you’re doing, what you’d like to do, and what you are looking for:

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